Updated as of March 1 2021


Requirements for Eligibility 

  1. You must be currently employed by a Tri-State Fire Department as a certified EMT (OH, KY, IN)
  2. You must submit a written letter of recommendation from your immediate supervisor for admission to the Paramedic Program.
  3. You must have taken your pre-admission test and scored at least a 75%.
  4. You must have been admitted to the Paramedic Program at one of the following schools: Cincinnati State, Gateway, Butler Tech or the City of Cincinnati (offers classes to those not working for the city)
  5. You must demonstrate a financial need for assistance.
  6. Recipient must acknowledge and accept all conditions of any funds awarded. 
    (see application)
  7. Applicant must submit a one page essay explaining why he/she deserves
    ​a scholarship.
  8. The Board reserves the right to request additional information and/or request
    an interview.